High School Program

High School Program

Ready to redefine your high school experience?

If you’re a 9-12 grade student craving a personalized learning journey, where you chart your own academic path, study what ignites your passion, and do it on your terms – welcome to Global American Academy.

Here, you’re not just a student; you’re the architect of your education. Enjoy the freedom to think, choose, and foster real connections with your mentors, all geared towards one goal: preparing you for the university of your dreams.


Unlock Your Advantages and Explore the benefits of a personalized study program at Global American Academy.
Unlike traditional models, you earn annual credits through Core Courses (Math, English, Science, etc.) and Elective Courses, offering a diverse range aligned with your interests.
With two distinct education paths, each boasting an extensive suite of personalized courses, you enjoy flexibility in choosing your academic journey. you're empowered to shape your academic journey. Whether you prefer the on-site Live Program, the flexibility of the Online Program from anywhere, or the innovative Dual Diploma Program (perfectly synchronized with your current high school timetable, we offer choices that cater to your individual needs. To delve deeper into your educational possibilities, attend one of our exclusive Global American Academy events. Your pathway to success starts here!

Unlock Your Path to an American Diploma, Right here – Hassle-Free!

Experience the Global American Academy advantage and earn your high school diploma seamlessly, all from the comfort of your home in Morocco – no need to travel to the U.S. What's more, achieving your diploma requirements is not only convenient but also cost-effective, saving a lot not just in money, but time and energy.

Pragmatic Curriculum for Real-World Success

Join a community of international students studying, where the curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, pragmatism, and real-life applications. Prepare for success in a way that mirrors the experiences of students globally.

Guided to Success with Personalized Support

Our dedicated team of experienced teachers, tutors, trainers, coaches, and mentors is committed to guiding you towards your singular goal: success. Receive personalized support tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a transformative academic journey.

Holistic Development through Success Academy Courses

Global American Academy goes beyond conventional education, incorporating Success Academy courses. These courses empower children and teenagers with real-life skills essential for daily success, including goal-setting, decision-making, problem-solving, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, public speaking, debate, negotiation, presentation skills, team leadership, projects, entrepreneurship, and more.

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Local Tutors for Personalized Assistance

Benefit from the expertise of experienced tutors who provide ongoing support tailored to your academic needs. From explaining concepts to offering valuable learning experiences, these tutors also counsel you on academic progress, test preparation, and university admission.

Stay on Track without Additional Programs

Our structured school format ensures you stay on top of your learning demands, eliminating the need for private tutoring or additional after-school programs. Your time is yours to maximize and dive into extracurricular activities, enjoying ports you like (soccer, Tennis, Golf etc ) or practicing a hobby you always wanted like Music, painting, theater.., travelling or else.

English Proficiency without Certification Hassles

Upon acceptance to Global American Academy, follow a school program in English without the need for additional language certifications. This program not only streamlines your access to international universities but also opens doors to a world of academic opportunities. Elevate your educational journey with Global American Academy – where success knows no borders.

University Admissions Assistance

We go beyond academics by providing comprehensive advising and counseling, guiding students through the intricate processes of university admissions, scholarships, and visas to the USA and UK. Elevate your educational journey with Global American Academy – where success knows no borders!

Discover Excellence at Global American Academy

Explore innovative education that transcends boundaries and opens doors to global opportunities