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We Accept Transfer High School Credits

Exciting news for potential students who are considering transfer to Global American Academy!

If you have completed some high school courses elsewhere, there’s a possibility to transfer those credits (courses) to Global American Academy and complete your high school diploma with us and earn an American High School degree 100% from US with us. Our Registrar will assess your transcripts and determine the number of transfer courses called credits that are eligible for application towards your accredited American High School diploma at our Academy.

Why You Should Transfer High School Credits

  • Eliminate the need to repeat courses
  • Reduce your tuition
  • Convenient and Flexible program
  • 24 / 7 Access to interactive courses
  • Choose your own elective courses
  • Embeded Dual Language Capabilities
  • State of the art innovative Portal with 24/7 access
  • Fully accredited degree from USA
  • Suitable for Athletes, Artists and gifted students
We accept full credits (courses), and you can transfer a partial year or even partial courses from your former high school. We accept a maximum of 17 transfer courses.

How to Transfer High School Credits to Global American Academy?

To initiate the transfer credits application process, please ensure the submission of an official transcript from your former institution 30 days before of your enrollment at Global American Academy. Timely receipt of your high school transcript enables our registrar to assess your credits efficiently, helping us determine your suitable grade level and recommend the optimal learning track for you to graduate in a timely manner.

Obtain official or certified transcripts from your former school.

Submit or send for translation with your Global Academic Advisor and success coach at Global American Academy.

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